Wrongful Foreclosure

Saving Your Home from Wrongful Foreclosure

Even homeowners who have faithfully made their mortgage payments can face the threat of a wrongful foreclosure. The lender may fail to give credit to a homeowner for payments that were made. They may overcharge the homeowner for late fees and other mortgage costs. They may simply mail the foreclosure notice to the wrong address.

The good news is that homeowners facing a wrongful foreclosure have legal options. At Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. in Dallas, Texas, we devote a large part of our litigation practice to wrongful foreclosure, predatory lending and other types of consumer fraud. In most cases, we are able to help homeowners keep their homes and avoid foreclosure without resorting to bankruptcy.

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You worked hard to save the money you used to buy your house. You deserve to keep your home.

Aggressive Representation in a Wrongful Foreclosure

Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. will provide aggressive representation on your behalf. Nowadays, this is a necessity. Banks and mortgage lenders are large, bureaucratic, and unresponsive institutions. In fact, the mortgage you took out may have been sold and re-sold numerous times to different entities. Instead of dealing with a local banker who knows you personally, you are speaking with a customer service representative who either does not respond to your calls and inquiries or does not have the authority to resolve your problem.

When our firm represents you, your lender will listen. Our attorneys will cut through the bureaucracy and fight for you.

The Mortgage Lender Has a Duty

Federal law says that lenders must follow certain rules when servicing mortgages and foreclosing on properties. For example, if they fail to give homeowners all of the required notices, such as the Notice of Default and Right to Cure, it may be possible to stop a foreclosure.

We have handled a large number of wrongful foreclosure cases and will use every available legal strategy to help you keep your home.

Going on Offense

When dealing with mortgage lenders, going on offense is better than staying on defense. That is the language they understand.

Our firm will carefully research the facts and the regulations the lender is supposed to follow. We will present the facts to the lender, and if necessary take action in court.

Our goal will be to remove the threat of foreclosure and help you keep your home.

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