Brain Injuries

Stay Alert for Signs of Brain Injury After an Accident

Traumatic brain injuries (or TBIs) happen when the brain is damaged by force or trauma. The brain may strike the inside of the skull if the head receives a sudden blow or is subjected to a shaking motion as occurs during whiplash. Other traumatic events that can result in brain injuries include prolonged lack of oxygen delivery to the brain and brain swelling caused by infection or errors made during a neurosurgical procedure.

Penetrating brain injuries occur when the skull sustains an actual crack or break. Penetrating brain injuries tend to be easier to diagnose than closed head injuries, when the outside of the head shows no damage. Signs of closed head injury may also arise days, weeks or even months after the original trauma, which makes diagnosis of brain injuries even more difficult.

Brain Injuries Caused by Negligence or Malpractice

If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident or has suffered malpractice by a doctor or hospital, stay alert for signs of concussion or brain injury. Such symptoms may be as subtle as headaches or mood swings or as obvious as a coma, blindness or memory loss. Seek immediate medical care if signs of brain injury develop.

In cases where brain injuries develop after car accidents or instances of medical malpractice, the legal picture changes significantly. If you or your family member develops signs of brain damage, your personal injury attorney will take several additional steps in the process of developing your claim for financial compensation.

People living with brain injuries often require long-term rehabilitation or, in more serious cases, long-term assistive care. Your personal injury lawyer will develop a financial demand that takes into account all the care and assistive medical devices you may need because of temporary or permanent brain injury.

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